Monday, December 10, 2007

Millions to Receive New Web Phones Over the Holidays but Where Will They Go Next?

San Diego, CA/Dec. 7/The Fast Pages---This Christmas, smartphones with web access are finally here for the budget-minded. Sprint's new Centro, for example, is $100 with the usual requirements. Internet use is now as low as $15/month.

Now all you have to do with your new phone is figure out how to access and surf the mobile web without losing your mind.

This has been a challenge on all mobile devices, regardless of price. Typing in lengthy web addresses on tiny keypads has been clumsy and slow. Not to mention faulty downloads which can be a hassle. There is just too much figuring out for the public to do and this will keep countless newbies from even using the mobile web.

These are the realities many users will face over the holidays:

• Millions will receive smartphones for the holidays and find mobile web access difficult and not really worth the extra expense.
• New owners will be frustrated when trying to surf the web.
• Almost all will have difficulty typing lengthy web addresses, executing complicated and sometimes costly downloading procedures and landing on unfriendly and jumbled websites with illegible type not meant for the mobile web.
• Many will cancel their $15-40/month mobile web account over the next few months.

The Fast Pages solves all these challenges by providing a completely free and very different mobile website that requires no downloading, virtually no typing, no signing on, no passwords, no user names, no small typeface, no ads, and will instantly make that mobile gift worthwhile. And it works across most all mobile web platforms.

TFP’s Mobile iPhone/Blackberry Simulator:

New mobile customers using this Fast Pages all-in-one portal can quickly view the power of the mobile web by easily accessing thousands of newspapers and magazines, animated weather, flight delays and tracking, traffic reports, emergencies, CPR, WiFi locations, all airlines and airports, restaurants, local movies, hotels, ski conditions, concerts, plays, theatre seating and even their local TV Guide.

They can also find best shopping sites, PayPal, embassies, maps, directions, travel, ATM locations, health, stock quotes, weather alert, sports, Starbucks locator, best gas prices, package tracking, tickets to everything, best search engines, local search, currency exchange, vast medical resources, translations and so much more. will bring absolute joy to those with their new mobile gift throughout the year.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Fast Pages Makes Web Search and Surfing A Breeze on Mobile

November 4 -- Requiring almost no typing, The Fast Pages is a completely free and unique mobile web directory with lightning-fast access to thousands of the best most mobile friendly websites and even more touch-to-dial phone numbers.


With typing still an issue for all smartphones, TFP is particularly helpful for new iPhone users who may find their keyboard challenging at first. iPhone users can now surf the web immediately without typing and get real results, valuable information and instant dialing. With no downloading necessary, just enter onto your mobile phone.

Now, with just a flick of one’s finger, iPhone and even iPod Touch owners can access thousands of newspapers and magazines, animated weather, flight delays, traffic reports, emergencies, WiFi locations, all airlines, restaurants, local movies, embassies, maps, directions, travel, ATM locations, health, stock market, weather alert, Netflix, sports, best gas prices, package tracking, tickets to everything, best search engines, local search, translations, flight tracking and so much more.

With tens of millions of smartphones on the market now, and a hundred million to be sold this year, access to the web has been a virtual failure on these mobile devices.

Surprisingly, a vast majority of users of Blackberry, Blackjack, Pearl, Nokia, Treo, LG, Motorola Q, iPhone and all smartphones say they now use them solely for e-mail and text messaging with an occasional disappointing peak at the web.

This failure is largely due to the hassle of typing lengthy web addresses on tiny keyboards, difficult downloads that often don't work and websites that are not user-friendly on mobile. These obstacles have resulted in many mobile users just giving up on web access. has found an innovative solution to these obstacles and has made accessing the web a breeze. What's more, it is fast, completely free and very easy. And there is no downloading required. TheFastPages mobile website is bold, bright, with easy-to-read lettering and it works on all mobile web phones.

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The Fast Pages Moves Ahead in Mobile Web War

April 23 -- With the mobile web war raging, and a billion mobile phones expected on the market by 2009, a small company, The Fast Pages, located in San Diego, CA, has dared to jump into the fray. Since controlling internet access on these devices is at stake, some of the biggest companies are attempting to bring everyone onboard with them.

Nevertheless, the war seems to have been lost before it even began. Recent articles say that Americans have shied away from going onto the web with their mobile devices. Instead, most smartphones are used primarily for calling, text messaging and email. Chris Chilvers, founder of The Fast Pages, says, “What is keeping the public away is multi-faceted. People are disappointed with the difficulty in just accessing the web; besides the tiny lettering, faulty downloads, unfriendly websites and tedious typing of long domain names. Additionally, users must log in, enter a password and often find they are unable to access the information they really want. And remember, this is all on a tiny keypad, so it’s a challenge for any mobile user.”

“There is a vast amount of vital information out there that could be very useful if placed in the palm of everyone’s hand and it can even save lives if made easily accessible. But how this info is presented on mobile devices will determine whether it is ever seen,” says Douglas Strock, Exec. V.P. of TFP.

The Fast Pages claims to have solved much, if not all of this, by introducing a free and easy mobile website that can be accessed on any web-enabled mobile phone. It requires no downloading, virtually no typing, no log in or passwords, has large lettering, colorful backgrounds and all one has to do is scroll and click to find vital information. ”It is now a pleasure to go onto the mobile web and really get results,” says Chris Chilvers.

Starting today, almost anyone can catch a plane, check an airfare, find a hotel, monitor the traffic, handle an emergency, view an Amber Alert or locate a recipe. Then, watch your animated weather, scan a map, read any newspaper in the world, research anything and find virtually everything. All very fast, free and easy. This can be accessed on many of the simplest, most inexpensive mobile phones. And it is stunningly readable.

Douglas Strock says, “ is in a category of its own and the public is welcomed to see for themselves. We are ready now, not in a few months or almost there, but now. Please, go and explore.”